Quantity Surveying & Cost Management

We offer our clients independent cost advice to give them the confidence in the feasibility of their projects.

Before a site is acquired, we provide preliminary and informed decisions about the feasibility of a proposed development. During construction we manage costs and the supply chain to maximize the return on investment. Our exceptional technical knowledge enables us to balance time, quality, cost and risk, resulting in the efficient delivery of a project.

Feasibility Studies
Business cases define the optimum investment from the available options, assess viability, and demonstrate benefits to stakeholders in a transparent fashion. We have the experience and expertise spanning the full range of public and private sectors to prepare business cases and investment plans that satisfy the most demanding stakeholders and approval processes.

Pre-acquisition advice
We understand our clients may have to make decisions on acquisitions very quickly, often with limited information about the potential of a site. We rapidly assess the viability, cost and return on investment and we help our clients mitigate exposure to high levels of risk.

Post-acquisition support
As an independent practice, we offer impartial advice, managing the supply chain, enforcing contractual conditions and protecting our client’s interest while actively managing the budget. We advise on the best procurement strategy and manage the procurement process. We draw up contracts, check all work and manage change and valuations to deliver projects to the agreed specification, price and schedule.

Value engineering
Value engineering helps to maximize value for money, from inception to completion. Value engineering is not a cost-cutting exercise, but a means of removing any element that adds cost without contributing to function or performance. This might involve design, materials, processes, suppliers, specification or the timing of project phases.