Who We Are

Our professional & enthusiastic team of consultants are focused in building long term relationships with clients allowing us to understand how their business works and how we can work with and for our clients.

We constantly have to adapt and keep finding new ways to make a difference. It is something that we are passionate about and where we believe we can make a difference. We help developers by combining knowledge from around the world with local market insights and a proven ability to deliver to plan outcomes for a broad spectrum of projects, locally and overseas, inter alia:

  • Residential Dwellings
  • Commercial Buildings including Retail & Offices
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Educational & Institutional Buildings
  • Ports and Vehicular Terminals
  • Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Works

In a Nutshell

  • Established since 2004, we have had 13 years of growth
  • We provide independent, authoritative and expert advice with core competencies in the areas of cost management, contract management, cost & value engineering, project management and quantity surveying services
  • Our vision is to work on more exciting projects and work with reputable clients in this country and the region and continue to be the partner of choice for our Clients to deliver maximum value
  • We are committed and passionate about making a difference in order to safeguard the commercial interests of our Clients
  • We are committed to delivering world class services in order to compete with the best in the industry
  • We tailor our services to the unique qualities of each individual project and client in order to give us the flexibility to adapt to changes in the market place.
  • We are clear on our goals and objectives when advising on feasibility of projects in order to deliver value from a Client’s point of view
  • We are sensitive to our clients’ needs and put ourselves in the shoes of our clients and work with them to achieve maximum efficiency for their projects in terms of value, pricing, quality, market driven, timing and other deliverables.
  • We believe it is important to go beyond our core competencies and seek to learn and understand other areas of specialisations from design, engineering, project management, marketing, construction, procurement, etc. in order to offer second opinions for a better project outcome
  • We recognise career opportunities and attract, nurture, respect, groom and retain top talent in the industry
  • We believe good design in projects will have optimum efficiency and feasibility and this is achieved through collaborative group dynamics taking into account input of the key stakeholders, from developers, marketers, designers, engineers, end users, etc.
  • We are passionate to deliver professionalism with good dose of personality and to stand out from the crowd of consultants
  • We believe God is in the details
  • As part of our commitment to continuously change and improve ourselves, we decided to rebrand in order to transform the company into a contemporary, forward looking and regional player, a strong foundation from which to build upon for the future.